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vine vs keek - a standoff for control of an add-riddled world


Vine has been out for only five days and already it’s hit a popularity peak- hitting #14 most downloaded free app. With a six-second recording time, the app has a strong resemblance to a GIF (an animated photo, in limited frame space). The appeal of GIF’s go widespread especially across the Tumblr and Buzzfeed generation. This has already captured the millennial generation.

What came before Vine was the 15,000,000 user app, Keek, in 2011. With Keek, you get 30 seconds of film time with no editing capabilities (like Vine) and quick access to share on your social channels. The drawback with 30 seconds is you lose creative ability. In Vine, you have complete control on how your video will look in 6 seconds, often capturing an audience far better than a 30 second video.

There was also Viddy. But that’s irrelevant these days.

Both video apps give you the ability to participate in voyeurism, both watching and performing. However, there are definite differences in the apps. We saved you some time by making you a pretty chart. You’re welcome.

Vine vs Keek

What’s to determine?

Vine and Keek hit two different generations and audiences. Vine captures the creative folks who want fun, simple videos who a quirky, GIF edge. Keek is for the true voyeurists who want to hear from people. It’s as simple as that.

Can you guess what we’re about?

Yeah. It’s all about Vine.

Keek rocks, Keek.

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